Monday December 5, 2016 Knock

Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. Matthew 7:7

There are many Christmas stories that discuss ASKING for things.  George Bailey in It’s a Wonderful Life asks to escape his money woes by never having been born.  Elf asks to meet his father.  In Miracle on 34th Street the young heroine asks if there is really a Santa Claus.  Children have the asking thing down pat… making lists of what they want and adding to them each day as Christmas draws near.  In the original Christmas story, Joseph and Mary knocked on many doors asking for shelter but were turned down everywhere until an innkeeper offers them a shed with the animals.  Not exactly what you and I would be excited about if we were expecting a Holiday Inn or a Marriott.  The Holy Family accepted what God provided and that is the real beauty in their story.  Mary was grateful for the straw bed and the warmth of the animals.  Instead of complaining she made the best of the situation.  There is a big lesson in that for me.

God wants me to ask Him for what I want.  Sometimes He will answer NO, sometimes NOT NOW and other times, YES.  My duty as a child of God is to respond gratefully no matter what He responds.  When I ask, I know He will answer and that is a blessing all in itself.  Uncertainty is the worst.  Limbo is a painful state.  When I go confidently to my father, then I am truly a disciple.  The men who opened up the roof to lower their paralytic friend to bring him to Jesus were not disappointed.  Jesus forgave his sins and then cured him.  There is always an answer with God.

Lord help me to live expectantly as a child at Christmas time.  Help me to lean into Your promises and KNOW in my heart that You will answer me.  Give me the courage to ask, seek and knock because too often I am fearful.  I come before You and in my temerity I ask for Your love and blessings. 

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