Sunday November 27, 2016 Watch

Watch carefully then how you live, not as foolish persons but as wise, making the most of the opportunity, because the days are evil.  Ephesians 5:16

Generally people would drive more carefully if they knew that today the police would have a speed trap.  Most would lock their car or their house if they knew the robber is coming.  Others would evacuate when the hurricane was headed their way.  Some will not take prudent action even when the warning signs are clear as day.

Advent is a time of being watchful.  God in His great wisdom gives us this time of watching and preparation.

My days are full and it is easy not to stop and really examine my motives, fixing my gaze past the mundane and into the eternal.  I know that God must wonder at my own and the rest of His children’s carelessness.   Reminders are everywhere…  the death of a loved one at 50, an apartment fire that takes everything, a car malfunction that leaves the family stranded on the side of the road.  This life can change in a heartbeat.  If I would only step away from the urgent ad focus on the IMPORTANT!  God wants me to be with Him in paradise forever… what am I doing today to get there?

I love the themes of light and darkness throughout the season of Advent.  They remind me to keep my eyes on the prize.  I am NOT of the night or of the darkness.  I am a creature of the light.  Stay awake is a rallying cry in Advent and see all God has in store.

Lord, help me to watch carefully and take the actions necessary to be with You in heaven.  The days here are evil and I must remember that I am called to more.  Enlighten my path this Advent Season and draw me to You this Christmas and to my life with You forever. 

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