Sunday November 20, 2016 King

Then the righteous will shine like the sun in the kingdom of their Father.  Matthew 13:43

When I call myself a Christian, I am saying I am a follower of the King.  Jesus the Christ is the KING.  It is harder for those of us in America to think of a kingdom.  Never have been exposed to a monarch, it is a bit like reading story books of princesses, not quite sure of protocol or rituals.  Deep bows and reverence are not common in our culture.   Neither is subjugation.  Humility is often in short supply.

Jesus on His throne does not push down, instead He teaches me how to write straight on crooked lines. Pope Benedict invited Christians to allow God to change us by turning our wrong ways into right by saying yes to being a true follower of the King.  Not be following set laws and precepts, memorizing the correct way to eat or stand or curtsy but by accepting His mercy and showing it to others.  Life on this planet can be one of measured responses… a teaspoon of kindness doled out when I am feeling generous…  NO God demonstrated a total bounty, literally wheel barrows full of love by sacrificing His only Son.  He invites each of His followers to be conduits of love to those who are needy.

Kingdom people unite today on the Feast of Christ the King to joyfully proclaim that Jesus Christ of Lord.  How very blessed!  How very grateful!  What a wonderful way to celebrate Thanksgiving week.

Lord, You bless me each and every day.  I look forward to being with you in Your Kingdom forever!

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