Thursday November 17, 2016 Expecting

The psalmist wrote, “In the morning, Lord, You hear my voice; in the morning I lay my requests before you and wait expectantly.”  Psalm 5:3

I love the word “EXPECTING”!  It brings back fond memories of being pregnant but has so much more depth of meaning for me.  When I am ‘expecting’ anything, I am filled with emotions.  I can be anxious, excited, curious, joyful, and the list goes on and on.  BUT what is so great about that is I am FEELING something throughout my whole body.  I guess you have guessed by now that I am an emotions junky.  I love to be involved, connected, and in relationships with those around me.  When I look at the word “Expecting” it brings me to full attention.

I believe with my whole heart that anticipation is almost always more fun than the holiday.  Dreaming of the vacation and planning with friends and family a birthday party or reunion is as much if not more fun than the actual day.   Working alongside people in your organization or club to put on a big event is the best part!  God really is the only one who can deliver the results… but the part leading up to it, brings me such joy because I am in the act of creating with people who I become closer to through the process.

God invites me to be part of the creation process with Him as well.  In the morning when I hear His voice and respond with “Yes Lord Your servant is listening”, I become a part of what will be.  If I respond yes, and then wait expectantly, He will reveal the blessings He has in store.  The road is rarely paved and easy. There are many ways to get derailed so I need to keep listening attentively for His directions but there is nothing better than living life, expectantly!  There lies HOPE!  Because I am FAITHFUL, He will never disappoint.  Waiting expectantly is not a sit back in the recliner kind of time…  just like when I was pregnant, I feathered my nest in preparation for something life changing.  When I believe it is going to rain,  I bring an umbrella…  Expecting miracles is when I will see them.

Lord, I believe that You are constantly teaching a course of miracles.  Help me to always live my life expecting to see them.  A life of excitement and devotion is a full life and one that others will want to share. 

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