Saturday November 12, 2016 Bread

Then Jesus declared, “I am the bread of life.  Whoever comes to me will never go hungry, and whoever believes in me will never be thirsty.”  John 6:35

November is the month that is all about FOOD!  Not just bread but the imagination and the memory are full of all kinds of wonderful flavors and scents surrounding FOOD!  I love to recall all the wonderful Thanksgivings with family and friends where we gathered together to share a meal, a football game in the yard, cards or dice around the table after dinner and dessert were cleared.  No one ever left those gatherings hungry or thirsty.  We were absolutely filled with fellowship and delicious food and drink.

There were many years when I could not afford to make the trip to be with my family, or when I had to work… those years the memories filled the void I felt.  It is said that evangelizing is when one hungry beggar tells another hungry beggar where to find food.  Sharing the good news is a wonderful way to be united with others.  For a person who grew up an only child, when I describe our family meals and get togethers, there is no way they can picture the chaos and noise of having 40 people in one house all sitting down to eat at the same time.  The coordination and timing needed to have everything ready at the same time for three tables of adults and one long kids table is unfathomable for someone who has never shared a meal with more than 6 people.  J

I continue to invite people to my house for orphan holiday meals because I always want to help them capture those memories and create new ones for those who are struggling for connection.  Life is hard for many especially at holidays.  I like to dig deeply into my reservoir of memories to provide connection and bread for someone who may be starving.

Lord thank you for being the BREAD of LIFE!  Whenever I come to You, I am filled up and ready to share with others that YOU are the source of everlasting bounty.  Thank YOU for the gift of family who has nourished me across the years and the miles.  Even when I cannot be with them at the same table, I feel refreshed. 


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