Thursday November 10, 2016 Refocus

Make it your ambition to lead a quiet life and attend to your own business and work with your hands, just as we commanded you.  1 Thessalonians 4:11

God inspired His people to do many great things.  Throughout bible history we hear of common men and women who saved their lives by following God’s commandments.  Moses freed the people from Egyptian slavery, Gideon led a battle with just a few men that routed Israel’s persecutors, Esther saved her people through bold action when she knew her people were being slaughtered for their faith.  It almost seems wasteful then for Paul to ask the new Christians to work quietly, minding their own business.

His invitation here was to avoid being a busy-body.  He knew that jealousy would undermine all he had worked so hard to plant in the churches throughout the Mediterranean. Undermining Jesus call to love one another with words spoken in anger would tear apart what God and he had built.  I know how hurtful it is to have others belittle or criticize behind my back.  It is not easy to turn the other cheek but that is what Jesus calls me to do.  In all that God has laid out for His people to accomplish, sometimes the hardest thing is to forgive and move past the things that have hurt.

I have seen it in companies, in churches and even in families, where gossip and misunderstandings have derailed the good.  God wants so much more for His own.  The amazing accomplishments done by the bible heroes and heroines could only have achieved all they did if they were not worried about who got the credit.

Lord help me to refocus and keep my eyes on the prize.  You offer the opportunity to serve and when I keep my attention on You instead of comparing myself to others… I can do so much more for Your kingdom.  Help me to do the work You have placed before me and refrain from comparing myself to others and others to me. 

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