Monday November 7, 2016 “It is What it IS!”

We know that suffering produces perseverance; perseverance, character; and character, hope.  Romans 5:3-4

My saying for this year has become “It is what it is.”  My daughter says that is a fatalistic or defeatist expression but I believe it is one of resignation and acceptance to go another way.  I have accepted the things I cannot change and look at each situation and pray for the wisdom and hope for a new path.  God gives me NO more than I can stand.  He uses suffering to produce strength and character.  Sometimes, I can feel like I am drowning but the lifeline is always there if I reach out and grab it.

There is so much in this life that we cannot change.  BUT there is a great deal that is within my control.  When I accept the things that are unmovable mountains then I can design a way to get to my destination via another route.  I do not sit and lament the mountain…  I simply recognize it.  It is WHAT it is!

If today presents me with another overwhelming situation, I will ask God for the perseverance to apprise my condition honestly and set about going where God leads me via a different route.  Only in hope can I find my JOY.  Discovering that I have new strength in me, always surprises and delights me.  It furthers my determination when I look back at how far I have come past adversity and in many cases because of it.

Dearest Father, whether I need a counselor, comforter, a guide, a provider or a friend… You are always beside me leading me to the place that You are calling me to be.  I accept that You are “I am who I am” and that this “World is What it is”.  Together all things are possible. 

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