Friday November 4, 2016 Content

I have learned in whatsoever state I am, therewith to be content.  Philippians 4:11

I heard an author, Grant Cardone, speaking about his new book, Be Obsessed or Be Average.   During the interview he talked about a focused life striving to be more and better.  When I read this verse today, I thought about Paul who was anything but average telling his friends to be content.  Seems like the opposite advice but maybe not.  Paul was an overachiever by anyone’s standards.  He was constantly preaching, teaching, writing and traveling.  Even when he was beaten, scourged or imprisoned he did not complain.  That is where the contentment comes in.  BUT Paul was definitely obsessed with serving God and spreading the word about Christ risen from the dead.

The interview made me ask myself of course, WHAT am I obsessed with?  What am I passionate about doing that makes my heart sing?  Mr. Cardone said that no one is a one trick pony.  It can’t be that ONE thing preoccupies my whole existence.  I love being a mom, a grandmother, a friend, a writer, a speaker and the list goes on.  Finding my contentment and obsession seems to be a matter of focus.  The various peaks and valleys each present challenges of their own.  I read somewhere that “Happiness (Contentment) is the art of making a bouquet of those flowers within reach.” Instead of wishing for roses in the fall, I make the bouquet from sunflowers.  It definitely changes my perspective to see what is in my field of vision and use the tools in my wheelhouse.  I push myself because I was raised to be the best I can be.  To pour out myself like a pitcher of water holding nothing back.

Lord, I look today for the way to be content in my obsessions.  I am anxious to be all I can be in Your service.  Help me be like Paul, impassioned and content in my life loving You! 

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One Comment on “Friday November 4, 2016 Content”

  1. Russ Sinkler Says:

    Great writing, Bobbi! I miss you guys!

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