Wednesday November 2, 2016 Souls

The souls of the righteous are in the hand of God, and no torment shall touch them. They seemed, in the eyes of the foolish to be dead; and their passing away was thought to be a disaster,  and their going from us to be utter destruction; but they are at peace.  Wisdom 3:1-3

These words give me hope especially when I am struggling with the death of a loved one.  Pope Benedict XVI explained that purgatory was a necessary opportunity for purification because even a saint had some sins that needed to be removed like the impurities in gold or silver needs to be burned away before it is perfect.  Prayer for the dead, especially for those who have no one to pray for them, is a very important part of my Christian responsibility.  This passage from the Book of Wisdom talks about punishment and chastisement but in the end reminds me that those who trust in the Lord shall understand truth and the faithful will abide with Him forever.  That is a great promise and one that I cherish because I am far from being a saint.  I need the opportunity to do penance now for my own soul but know I can never clean my soul to be worthy to stand before my king and my God.

I do not view purgatory as a place of torture or heat but instead a holding room, a place of waiting and watching for a sign.  I will be there reliant on those who I have left behind on this earth.  I can’t pray for my own soul but instead will intercede for those I loved well while I was alive.  They can benefit from my waiting time.  It is the people who I have touched in life who can pave the way and open my door to heaven.  How quickly my soul is ready to meet My Lord is directly affected by the number of people who I brought to prayer…  thus through my discipleship to others is the gate to heaven is opened.  My children, my students in bible studies, any I have encouraged in Christ will be the keys to God’s kingdom for me.  That is what I envision that purgatory will be.  Someone like me who LOVES being around people, will suffer by being in isolation and being a FIXER and DOER, not being able to accomplish heaven for myself will be a hardship indeed.  God knows me well.

Lord, I love YOU with all my heart.  I pray earnestly for those who have gone before me in faith.  Receive them to Your bosom and welcome them to heaven. 

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