Thursday October 27, 2016 Instant Messaging

But as for me, I will watch expectantly for the Lord; I will wait for the God of my salvation.  My God will hear me.  Micah 7:7

A lot changed for me in 1995.  My older daughter came to live with us with her toddler, Brandice, my younger daughter moved to Alaska for a yearlong exchange program through her university and I started a company.  I learned about computers and the internet quickly because it was part of my new career path.  I was learning about the joys of email though because of my younger daughter being so far away.  We had spoken every day so the separation was hard for both of us.  We found with the time difference that email was a gift that allowed us to pour out the happenings of each day and we could continue to communicate when moments allowed.  You’ve Got Mail was a blessing instead of a curse.  Our relationship grew from Mother/Daughter to friends during those months and it continues today.

Meanwhile, at the same time, my granddaughter was teaching me the importance of “presence”.  She would want me to bend down to her level and she would hold my face in her tiny hands and speak to me directly.  She gave me such perspective because she noticed everything… tiny ants to brilliant leaves… each one would require her attention and when I was with her…. MINE!

The gift of communication has evolved in so many different ways with Skype, Texting, Twitter, Chat, Instant Messaging and so much more.  The interesting thing is that God has never needed any of these.  He is Omni-present and the lines of communication are always open from Him to me.  The only issue is that I may have my ears and my mind closed.  Even in Text Messages can remain unread for hours, weeks, months and even in some cases years.  The sad truth will never change, unless the channels are open nothing happens.  God hears me but am I present to HIM?  My need to unplug and give Him my attention is as real as the need for power to make my cell phone work.  No Battery, No communication!

Lord help me to be present to YOU!  Help me to HEAR You because I know that You hear me.  Graciously call me back when my distractions overwhelm my ability to focus.  Like Brandice, grasp me on either side of my face and speak to me because I am too often focused on other things.    

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