Thursday October 20, 2016 Waiting

I will trust in the Lord, who is hiding His face from the house of Jacob; yes I will wait for Him.  Isaiah 8:17

It is always hard to wait.  I don’t care if it sitting at a stoplight, waiting at the doctor’s office or anticipating Christmas as a child, it is not easy to sit quietly when you want answers or simply want to move forward.  The Lord gives us many great opportunities to develop our waiting muscles.  It is particularly hard to wait when I want to know WHY!  There have been so many times when I asked God WHY!?!  When my dad died when I was just ten years old and he was thirty-three, I would cry myself to sleep asking WHY.  When I was divorced at 27, when I had been dedicated to my marriage and my children was I left alone and bereft.  When my mom was diagnosed with a brain tumor and died two weeks later at age 61, I struggled for years waiting for some kind of understanding.  When a company declared bankruptcy owing my company, FYI, a half million dollars I refused to succumb and eventually lost everything financial that I had built through my life.

It has been a constant in my life to wait.  I keep asking God my questions but have learned that waiting on His answers is all I can do.  He eventually does reveal His plans but meanwhile I need to keep moving forward trusting that I will see how these difficult and in some cases overwhelming incidents needed to take place.  It sometimes takes me a long time to regain my equilibrium.  I have fought my way out of the throes of depression and only with divine intervention was I able to remain here and functioning.  God wants me to wait on Him and with the help He has sent me, I have been able to do that.

I have learned that there is nothing bigger than God.  He has allowed me to learn first-hand that He loves me even when the worst seems to have happened.  Life is lived moving forward but understood looking backward.  So even when I am in the worst situation I can wait on Him to show me that there is a reason that someday I will understand.  It may not be revealed on this earth but He is here with me through it all.

Lord, I know that You will not give me more than I can bear.  You have showed me through the seasons of waiting that You never leave me.  I am grateful that together there is nothing that will destroy me… even though the pain feels overwhelming now.  Help me to be patient as You reveal Your plan.   

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