Monday October 10, 2016 Obedience

The Lord rewarded me for doing right.  He has seen my innocence.  To the faithful You show Yourself faithful; to those with integrity you show integrity.  Psalm 18:24-25

I love the quote by St Therese of Lisieux: “How I would like to make you understand the tenderness of the Heart of Jesus, what He expects from you.  Your soul… is called to raise itself to God by the ELEVATOR of love and not to climb the rough stairway of fear…”

God loves His children and knows I will fail to be obedient at times.  St Therese knew that as well.  She pointed out that God rejoices when I somehow manage to do God’s will in my life but is even more delighted when I throw myself upon His mercy!  Because of LOVE, not fear.  Because of my Trust in His love and not because of my actions.  Life is full of choices and I know I have made many of the wrong sort.  Jesus continues to embrace me and help me up when I have fallen.  He knows my heart and that I “try” to live for Him.  Yoda says in Star Wars “There is not TRY”.  God has given me the blessings of grasping and acknowledging my intentions even when I was not successful.  I rise on the elevator of His love every single day.

I am happy that God takes delight in my successes but I am even more grateful that He loves me enough to forgive me my trespasses because they far outweigh the moments of triumph.  Knowing that my Father is my everlasting hope is truly the wind beneath my wings.

Lord, Help me always to avoid the rough stairway of fear.  It prevents me from living in Your light.  Keeps me bound in the darkness and struggling.  Show me the elevator of love and give me the courage to push the button to get to You!    

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