Monday September 26, 2016 Pilgrims

He instructed them that they should take nothing for their journey, except a mere staff—no bread, no bag, no money in their belt.  Mark 6:8

Hard to imagine heading out these days on a journey without my GPS, my credit cards, my cell phone and snacks for the car.  I get lost easily… like in my neighborhood so the idea of just going without the aid of some directional device… a map, GPS, phone… frightens me not about where I will go but how I will get back.  Jesus sent his disciples out on their first mission trip with nothing but a walking stick.  I blows my mind to even think of that.

What does Jesus ask of His modern day disciples?  Pretty much the same thing but the circumstances are different.  Missionaries today go, they say yes, often with no bread.  They leave behind the familiar foods… pizza, pasta and coke to be served the food of their newly adopted country.  Beans and rice, grubs and grasshoppers, snake and guava.  They bring very little in their bags because they must carry in whatever they bring and dependence on anything besides their bible and translation guide is really tantamount to an offense to their hosts.  Giving up their reliance on money is probably the hardest part of being on a pilgrim journey for Christ.  Here is the US, money makes the world go round.  In many countries what the average US wage earner makes in a day is what these people make in a year.  Our wealth is not even conceived in their imagination.  What a missionary must do like Jesus did, is become one of them in order to show the way on their journey to heaven.

Jesus asked His disciples to trust GOD for their essentials.  What they learned on their journey is that God delivered.

Lord, help me to trust… to leave my worries at Your feet and believe You will deliver me home into the eternal kingdom.  I lay down my “essentials” and trust that You will bring me safely home to You. 

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