Sunday September 25, 2016 Remain

If someone who has worldly means sees a brother in need and refuses him compassion how can the love of God remain in him?  1 John 3:17

There is often opportunity to give to the poor.  Every day when I walk the streets of Orlando on my way to an appointment, I see a homeless person.  They are on the street corners with signs asking for food or money for a bed for the night.  My friend, Scott Billue, who works in ministry to help,  tells me NOT to give them cash because that goes to drugs or liquor so I started carrying food and gift cards for McDonalds.

My small gestures cannot cure the problems of even one person but they help me remain in the LOVE of God.  Each person is asked by Jesus “Who do you say I am?” Is Jesus the beggar on the street corner?  Is He the homeless person who needs a shower and a haircut?  If my job is to remain in a relationship with Jesus, how can I be sure where He will appear next?

I believe God asks me to remain faithful to HIM!  No matter what the circumstances might be.  Today the Gospel is about seeing the poor and assisting them out of their misery.  Lazarus, the poor beggar lay at the door of the rich man who had five brothers who were all living a life of selfishness and greed.  They were ignoring the needs of those who were in plain sight.  This rich man was condemned to hell while Lazarus remained resting in the lap of luxury in heaven.  Jesus rose from the dead to give me a new lease on life.  When I don’t see the needs of the poor and share my worldly means, I will be condemned.  Compassion is a two way street!

Lord open my eyes to the needs of those around me.  Show me the best way to be of service to relieve the suffering in the most compassionate way possible. I wish to always remain securely in the love that You shower upon Your faithful followers

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