Thursday September 22, 2016 Heart

Did not I weep for him whose day was hard?  Was not my soul grieved for the needy?  Job 30:25

Job went through a deep soul searching to try and figure out where he went wrong.  He was convinced that God was punishing him by his “friends” when disaster after disaster befell him.  But what he asks himself is not what sin he committed but where he did not measure up.   He knew he did not sin outright by breaking the ten commandments BUT what he challenged himself by asking… Did I lose heart for those in need?

Jesus told us that we would always have the poor.  I really believe that this is not because we cannot find a way to feed everyone and house every person but because we need to have a way to demonstrate love.  If our wealth was so evenly distributed that no one needed anything, I am sure our lives would become quite self-centered.  Each of us NEEDS to feel passionately about someone or something bigger than ourselves.  It gives me focus and shapes me to have something that I know needs my attention.  For me, helping to provide educational opportunities so that women can achieve equality and have the security to provide stability for themselves and their families is my driving force.  For others, providing medical services to poor and indigent, helping those who are walking with a child who is abused or has cancer, assisting veterans who have been forgotten or feeding the hungry of all ages… draws a passionate response from the deepest part of their soul.

Jesus tells us to be His disciple means to follow HIM with a willing heart.  He will bless you and me not because of our ability to fix these problems but because of our availability.   He will use each one of His children to make life better for others because we are open and willing to be His hands and feet.

Lord, I am empty and a sinner unlike Job who was a perfect example of Your holy child.  Help me to constantly be open to allow You to fill me and allow me to serve You and those You place in my path.  Help me to have a HEART for those who need me.   

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