Tuesday September 20, 2016 Burning

They asked each other, “Were not our hearts burning within us while He talked with us on the road and opened the Scripture to us?”  Luke 24:32

Have you ever felt your heart burning?  Not the indigestion kind of heartburn but the on fire kind of feeling when you hear a stirring sermon or witness someone who is living the Gospel… like Mother Theresa or Pope John Paul ll.  I have had many moments when my heart burned for love of Jesus but the first will always be the most significant.

I was invited to attend a weekend retreat.  It was held at a church and we women slept on wrestling mats in the gymnasium.  I looked around and started to bolt.  This was certainly not what I needed or so I thought.  My confusion and anger ran very deep.  I had done it all “right” in my life and still I found myself divorced and alone.  In the typical fashion, witness talks had filled Saturday and we were invited to the chapel for Evening Prayer and reflection in front of the Blessed Sacrament.  The Scripture reading was on the Prodigal Son but was really about the Forgiving Father.  During that moment, my heart burned and I knew that I was forgiven for my anger and rebellion.  I knew that Jesus was walking beside me and that His love was enough to mend my broken heart.  When I realized that I was being the older brother filled with resentment, I accepted my Father’s everlasting love and began to heal.

Scripture is full of the wisdom that heals and sets a fire ablaze in the hearts of those who are opened to it.  Sometimes I have had to be pulled kicking and screaming into His loving presence but the fire that may have been banked can always be reignited if I will only stop and listen.  Lord I am so grateful that You don’t give up on me.  That You continue to fuel my tiny flame with Your love! 

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