Saturday September 10, 2016 Foundation

“The one who listens and does not act is like a person who built a house on the ground without a foundation.  When the river burst against it, it collapsed at once and was completely destroyed.”  Luke 6:48-49

The depth of tall buildings has to be equal to its height.  One of the amazing things about skyscrapers is to look at how deep the pilings are that keep her erect.  Jesus told His disciples that they would need a strong foundation in order to weather the approaching storms of prejudice and persecution.  The need is still great!  Not one  of us can stand up to all the evil in this world without a deep and abiding belief in someone or something bigger than ourselves.  It works out this way in good and in bad.  The people of Germany were downtrodden and defeated after World War I.  When Hitler started to “preach” his Mein Kampf, the people listened and embraced it because they needed a foundation.  The scary thing is that this book is still a best seller in some parts of the world.  People continue to seek a foundation.

The world’s only true foundation must lie in God.  Nothing else will remain but Jesus words and the truths that He explained.  The rivers and oceans that come in tempestuous times will topple everything else except those who have foundations that are grounded in faith in God.  The call then is to be one who listens and acts!  There are many who say, Lord, Lord but words alone don’t cut it.  Jesus called us to action.  What can I do today to let Jesus know that I believe and am grounded in Him?

Lord, help me to rely on YOU and only YOU, my foundation.  Open my eyes to the ways that I can keep reinforcing my foundation and growing stronger in my relationship with You. 

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