Tuesday September 6, 2016 Awestruck

They were filled with great awe and said to one another, “Who then is this whom even the wind and sea obey?”  Mark 4:41

The power of water has been pretty evident lately.  Flooding in many states and hurricanes pound and wreak havoc with coastal residents near three different oceans or gulfs.  Having lived in FL for many years now, it never ceases to amaze me to stand in the salt water and feel the strong pull of the tide.  It is no wonder that the apostles were awestruck when Jesus told the wind and sea to be quiet and they responded to His words.

The disciples and the people of their day had a very healthy respect for the elements.  God had used the power of water to relate His strength and command of the world throughout their history.  The great flood in Noah’s day erased the whole population.  The parting of the Red Sea had eliminated the Egyptians and only God could pull back the water so they could walk across dry-shod.  They knew Jesus was God at this moment with no more doubt if they had not realized it before.

I sometimes reflect on the moment that I knew there was a God.  For many it is in the miracle of a new baby, for others it is the Grand Canyon or some other of God’s great achievements in nature.  For me it was the first time I saw an ocean (the Pacific when I was 13) and I stood there realizing that I mattered to a Supreme Being who could create the tiny creature who had inhabited the shell in my hand and this vast body of water.  The nuns at St Ferdinand had talked about being awed by God but on that day…  I was.

Lord help me never to lose that awe. Whether I look at the petals of a rose, the tiny fingers and toes of a newborn, or the vastness of the ocean, let me be reminded of Your power and majesty. 

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