Friday September 2, 2016 Porches

The threshold of the house of God I prefer to the dwellings of the wicked.  Psalm 84:11

I smiled when I read this verse this morning.  In the midst of a tropical storm here, I can imagine that those homeless people living under awnings and porticoes would say… they would much rather be inside no matter who lives there.  Any port in a storm?  But I think the Psalmist is stirring up a very important image…  where do I put my trust?

God has indeed provided so much to me.  The modest home Gary and I share is comfortable, dry and air conditioned.  I think of it as a holy place where God also lives.  I have visited places where I feel uncomfortable… and since I never really understood why, I just moved along.  There is a parable in Matthew about the evil spirit who leaves a person and when he comes back… the place is cleaned and fumigated.  He is angry and goes out and invites 7 other spirits to join him and they make things much worse for the poor soul.  God needs to be a prominent guest always to ward off the evil one.

Seeking wealth and fame is not evil.  I think God is pleased when His children are successful and He rewards their hard work.  The really important thing to keep in mind is never inviting evil in for once that door has been opened, it can never be shut.  Exposing myself to germs causes illness.  I would never bring rats or fleas or ticks into my house or lie down in poison ivy.  Why would I then go into places of sin.  They are everywhere…  on the internet, in theaters, in bars and I even heard of a church that was converted to a “Swingers Club”.  God asks me to be careful where I go.

Lord help me to avoid the occasion of sin.  Give me the grace and the wisdom to know where You are calling me to be.  Open the doors to where You are abiding.  I would rather live on Your front porch than in Satan’s mansion!  You are my shield and protection, always.

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