Monday August 29, 2016 Following

So Peter seeing him said to Jesus, “Lord, and what about this man?”  Jesus *said to him, “If I want him to remain until I come, what is that to you? You follow Me!”  John 21:21-22

It is human nature to compare.  It starts as children when it seems constant care must be exhibited to equally distribute cake, candy, presents at Christmas and love.  I love what Jesus says here…  “What is THAT to YOU?”  In those five words is the lesson of a lifetime!  Nothing in life is “FAIR”.  Because the most amazing gift to one person would fall short in the eyes of another.  Each person has needs and expectations that are completely arbitrary in the eyes of others.  God’s gifts and talents bestowed to one may seem extravagant while I feel unprepared and wanting.  God tells each of His children “My grace is sufficient!”

Jesus says to Peter and to me…  Follow ME! No explanations or excuses needed.  If I were to imagine any scenario, these words would be enough.  He clearly says what each of us needs to hear!  I am forever trying to put qualifiers on His command.  IF this happens, then I will…  or When I am stronger or smarter or thinner or graduated or married or ????  but God does not want to hear my procrastination because He knows that He would not put a challenge in front of me that He had not already prepared for me to handle with HIM!  Peter learned the hard way.  Jesus explained often and occasionally was exasperated with him.  I am sure Jesus tires of my excuses and wrong thinking as well.

Today Lord, help me to put out of my mind and heart comparisons.  Help me to FOLLOW You as a humble daughter who seeks to do the will of her master.  Help me to avoid comparisons and realize that You have strengthened me to accomplish what is mine to do. 

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