Friday August 26, 2016 Disaster

The kingdom of God is at hand.  Repent, and believe in the gospel.  Mark 1:15

Scripture paints a scary picture of the end of the world.  Natural disasters seem to be on every turn with floods, hurricanes and earthquakes all occurring simultaneously.  People literally have nowhere to run.  There are always people who are ready to meet their creator and those who are not.  The kingdom is at hand for some souls each and every day.  We never know the time and the hour when the call to stand before Jesus for that time of final accounting.  The hundreds of souls in Italy who met their maker after the massive earthquake, the 49 victims of a gunman in the Pulse Nightclub, those in Louisiana and West Virginia who died this summer in flooding also were unprepared to meet their maker.

Jesus invites me each day to repent and come to Him to be refreshed.  He invites me to believe in Him and in His Father.  Ignorance or disinterest are really not the best defense.  God has planted in each of us a “homing” device and that is always prompting me to move toward rather than away from the light.  Today, the real disaster is not heeding that call to repent and believe!

Lord help me to be prepared to meet You face to face.  Give me the tools to help those I love to also see the light and move toward You always.  Do not let disaster catch us…  Onward and UPWARD! 

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