Monday August 22, 2016 Childlike

Jesus said “Truly I say to you, unless you become like children, you will not enter the kingdom of heaven.”  Matthew 18:3

Have you run through the sprinkler with a 4 year old?  Have you stooped next to a 2 year old to examine a caterpillar?  Have you sat on the floor building trains, card houses or sand castles with a 5 year old?  It is hard for me to get down to their level but the trip is so worth it.  Each time I experience the world through the eyes and mind of a child, I am reminded again how very important this verse is to the salvation of my soul.

Children, at least my grandchildren and the wonderful children at my church with whom I am blessed to have a few precious moments always teach me how big God’s world is and how much I miss in my rush to be a grown up.  A childlike perspective on the world is a huge blessing.  Their imaginations and perspective allow me to dream again of what is really important. God provides all this beauty and I am out of touch with it most of the time.  My daughter is driving out west with her boys ages 6, 8, 10.  The DVD player broke so she handed her cell phone to the 6 year old to take pictures of the scenery.  The moments that he captured are amazing.  Cloud formations, a lone cactus growing through a rock, majestic mountains and a broken down shack.  Hundreds of sights captured in the eye of a child that I would never have seen except that he did.

Jesus knew that His followers would need to have perspective.  Oh how much we do!  Today more than ever, the moments of awe need to be dwelled upon and cherished.  Every day, I need to embrace my childlike curiosity, my ability to focus on the tiny dimensions of a butterfly or hummingbird and allow myself to play!  God has a lot to show me, I can only see it when I stop long enough to notice.

Lord give me the perspective of a child and let me appreciate the gift that is their ability to make a molehill into a mountain…  A flower into art… and a moment into eternity! 

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