Sunday August 21, 2016 Let’s

Let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds.  Hebrews 10:24

Many hands make light work was a favorite saying when we were growing up in a big family.  My mom didn’t need to say that all these kids caused more work in the first place but instead she focused on if we all work together we could be done in a hurry without any one of us feeling the burden.  I think getting to heaven is a joint venture.  St Paul seemed to think this way.  He exhorted all the people in the churches that he planted to help one another.  He often referred to acknowledged friends so that they would feel connected to him and to the community.  He made introductions so that new members could have credibility and be accepted because he knew how important community would be to living “The Way’.

I know that we have 4 churches inside our parish.  Each Mass has its own community of regulars who meet each week and encourage one another.  It is great to connect with these 8:30 People or these 5:30 people at Social gatherings or meetings but the special bond of worshipping together creates a deeper connection.  God invites me to spur on those with whom I am walking so that all of us can arrive in heaven together.  It is a team effort.  No one likes to be lonely and in serving and in praising God it is great to have many to share the joy.  It is though in trial when the support and uplifting by friends who believe as I do is most important.

Jesus. I am grateful for the crowd of witnesses that You have placed in my life.  Help me always be sharing the burden of my sisters and brothers and spurring them on when they face the trials of this life.  Help us all move forward in love to greet You when You come again. 

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