Friday August 19, 2016 Being a Kid

But I call to God, and the Lord will save me.  Psalm 55:16

So many pictures depict Jesus as the Good Shepherd carrying the one lost lamb (KID) back to the fold.  Today I want to focus on the lamb prior to being rescued.  This little lamb was out having fun following a butterfly and nibbling on the sweet grass not paying a bit of attention to where she was.  Just like kids do today.  Being led far a field by friends, pretty scenery or what appears to be a sweeter and easier life.  When suddenly, reality sets in!  It has grown dark, the surroundings are unfamiliar and there is NO easy way back.

It is comforting to have Jesus pick up that lost lamb and be carried out of harm’s way.

Each of us really in our heart of hearts longs to be that KID.  Lovingly carried on the shoulders of Our Lord.  The neat thing is WE ARE!  Jesus is at the ready to bend down and put you and I upon His broad shoulders and carry His lost lambs back into the fold.  THE trick is in this verse.  It is imperative that I Call to God.  That is the thing!  I need to admit I am lost, I have to want to be transported back and I have to ASK!  Otherwise, how will God know that you and I are not content there in that crevasse, alone in the dark.

Lord give me the courage and the wisdom to stay close to You.  Help me to remain in the fold but when I stray through my own sinfulness, help me to always seek YOU with a contrite heart.  I know You will bring me home! 

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