Wednesday August 17, 2016 Leaning

The same happens to all who forget God.  The hopes of the godless evaporate.  Their confidence hangs by a thread.  They are leaning on a spider’s web.  Job 8:13-14

What a vivid image… leaning on a spider’s web.  Nothing there to support, nothing there to comfort.  I have walked through spider webs and the immediate reaction is to brush every tiny thread away and shiver!  Job describes that feeling of being in a dark cave all alone perfectly.  Hopeless, scared and completely and utterly alone.

I love the song, Leaning Upon the Everlasting Arms.  The strength of those arms not only provides comfort but security.  God inspires everyone who believes and calls upon His name to be infused with hope and courage in the face of trials.  So even when I have no idea how things will turn out, I can keep up my confidence and plow ahead.  There is absolutely no better place to be than LEANING upon God.

It seems like when I get headed in a direction where I feel LARGE and IN CHARGE is when I fall hard!  Forgetting that God is the Alpha and the Omega is never a good thing!  I am aware that when I hit the wall and crumble, it is likely because I forgot that I am not the master of the universe.  God is the basis upon which I stand.  I pray today that I will never forget… who made me and where I am called to serve so that I can always lean upon Him!

Lord, You are worthy to be praised.  You are the only place where I can truly find hope and confidence.  I lean into YOUR everlasting arms!

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