Tuesday August 16, 2016 SHINE

In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven. Matthew 5:16

I know that you have picked up that I LOVE the Olympics.  One of the things that bothers some commentators and radio personalities is that some of these athletes thank God or give Him credit when they have performed some of their amazing feats.  I am always happy to see this.  Everyone knows that this athlete has trained and practiced endless hours and they have built upon skill and innovated new routines until their feet and hands were bloody BUT each of their opponents have done the same.  The athlete that recognizes that today is their day to shine and gives God the glory realizes that it could do easily gone a different way.  In competition where the deciding factor is 1 one hundredth of a second. There is any number of factors that could influence the decision.  God’s help and their humility being key.

In each life comes opportunities to shine.  My youngest granddaughter started baking and creating delicious cookies, breads and puddings.  This has allowed her to SHINE in a very special way and she has become incredibly blessed by orders and opportunities.  Lots of young people took the same culinary class with her but she has developed her skills to do something creative with it.  Our gifts are given by God to allows us to light up the world and give GLORY to God.  It is truly easy to diminish our talents or hide behind false humility… “It’s Nothing” or “Or thanks but”  God does not make any junk and if He has plans for you and me to do something with the gifts He has given… I think it is our responsibility to SHINE and acknowledge God’s giftedness.

Lord, I humbly acknowledge the gifts that You have given to me.  Help me to use them to always serve You and others in the best way possible.  That rarely means I win a medal BUT in all things let me give You the glory! 

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One Comment on “Tuesday August 16, 2016 SHINE”

  1. Candy Says:

    Amen. Fab article as usual and very inspiring

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