Saturday August 13, 2016 Understanding

“For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,” declare the Lord.  Isaiah 55:8

WHY is the biggest question around.  WHY is this happening to me?  WHY did he or she have to leave?  WHY did I lose my job? or WHY did she get sick?  It is impossible to understand God’s plans with the tiny vision of time and space that you and I have.  I love the idea of my life being a huge quilt where each thread and block is part of a pattern that will only be revealed when I stand before Jesus.  He will reveal then and only then how each tragedy and joy contributed to the whole quilt to make me His masterpiece or at least the cover on the guest bed that is rarely used.   I know my life will serve some purpose in God’s kingdom but what is not for me to decide.

Isaiah had the hard job of explaining to God’s people that their sinfulness had caused their exile to Babylon but these words provided hope that even though in the midst of tragedy, this bad news was not the final word.  God’s plans will always be so much bigger than I can conceive or accept.  Heaven being far above the earth, is just the tip of the iceberg when I look at His ways being above my ways.  It does not prevent me from trusting Him.  Like the light switch or the water from the tap.  I have no idea how that all happens but I trust it will.  I have been blessed with faith so I can depend on God to keep His promises… always!

Lord, even though I cannot possibly understand Your supreme will for my life, I place my trust in You and live each day with the promise held deep in my heart! 

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