Tuesday August 9, 2016 Today

But encourage one another daily, as long as it is called “Today”.  Hebrews 3:13

I just returned from spending time with my family as we came together to celebrate my granddaughter’s wedding on Sunday August 7, 2016.  During the week I had quality time with two of my older grandchildren, Courtney and CJ.  I was thrilled to learn more about their interests and have an opportunity to encourage them to keep moving forward to pursue the dreams.  Exercising their GOD given talents is what gives HIM the glory.

CJ leaves for DePaul University to begin studying Computer Gaming but he shared his love for music and the Rap song he wrote and performed.  I love that he has both an analytical mind of a programmer and creator of computer technology and a fun side that he shares thru music.  Courtney will be a Senior this year and has discovered she loves cooking and is allowing her creativity to show in baking and through her culinary skills.  She is beginning a Baking Business and we are encouraging her by providing a culinary grade mixer and website.

My family came together and encouraged and supported these young people all weekend while we celebrated their sister’s nuptials.  I am grateful indeed for the joy of being part of God’s family but thank HIM every day for my siblings and daughters who encourage me.

Today is all we are given. I have learned NEVER to put off until tomorrow creating my dream or encouraging others to do so.  One of the groom’s cousins died on his way home from the Bachelor Party on Friday night.  A young man who had dreams to create that were left undone.  I will never cease to encourage the people I love to go forth and use the talents that God has planted in their soul TODAY!

Lord, Help me to always live in the moment and give You the glory for the opportunities to pursue my own dreams and encourage others to do the same.     

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