Monday July 18, 2016 Called

When Jesus called, the disciples left their nets and followed Him.  Matthew 4:20

I used to marvel at the fact that Peter and Andrew and the Sons of Zebedee, Matthew and Mark dropped everything and followed Jesus.  During a bible study, I learned that Jewish boys were all trained in Scripture from a very young age.  As they grew up they were tested by different Rabbis and invited to follow him to further their education.  If a Rabbi did not invite a boy, he would choose a different career, usually the one of his father.  So a carpenter’s son became a carpenter and a fisherman trained his sons to fish.  But a Rabbi’s call overrode everything.

Today, it is hard to imagine someone dropping everything and following a teacher.  I believe though that Jesus is still calling.  After education, career internships and building up a customer base, buying a house and settling into a life of our choosing… there is often a call to MORE!  That call can be a ignored for a while but I have seen it become quite deafening in my own life.    Sometimes, God uses a two by four to get my attention when my hearing completely fails.  God gives us free will but He expects an answer.  He will not be ignored.  You know that Jesus invited the rich young man to follow HIM but Jesus’ Call was much too hard for that young man to walk away from a life full of stuff.  His possessions held him hostage.  How many others, turned their back on the Lord?  How many will do that today?

Today, the chasm between the have and the have nots continues to grow wider and deeper.  There is a notable difference between what is living a life of being called to serve and being entitled to service.  Jesus was clear about what following HIM meant.  It is imperative to listen for Jesus in the still small voice that whispers how I am supposed to live my life.  He is still calling…

Lord open my ears and my heart to your call to be of service today. 

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