Thursday July 14, 2016 Come to Me!

Jesus said: “Come to Me, all who labor and are burdened, and I will give you rest.” Matthew 11:28

There have been many times in my life when I heard the word, Come.  When I was growing up, my mother uttered it in solace (Come sit by me) and in retribution for disobedience (COME OVER HERE RIGHT NOW!).  The tone or inflection with which she said them carried all the meaning.  That has been true, my entire life.  Husbands have uttered them inviting me to be embraced.  Friends invited me to their home or to coffee or a party.  Invitations of all sorts have enticed me to drop what I am doing… and be PRESENT with others.

I think Jesus invites me to COME and be quiet in His calming presence.  He allows me to leave my anxiety at the door and really trust that He can get to the core of the matter.  I can never be lonely when I COME and be with my God.  Worries disappear when I come into His circle of light!  It is amazing that when I COME to Him, no words are necessary…  I don’t have to explain my actions or defend my position…  He already knows my heart and I can just BE!  When I fail, I can come and be healed of the hurt, see the lesson and step into what is to be my rebirth.  Jesus allows me to COME when I am at my worst, when I have a bad hair day or have to wear my fat clothes or have no makeup on.  He loves me as I am.  I know this is the case because He welcomed and invited prostitutes, lepers and even the dead to COME to Him.

There is no Past, no Future only the Present when I COME and be with my God.  It is a place that is frozen and alive at the same time.  I am lighter and free to be me when I am with HIM.  Today I am invited to COME… it is always up to me to say YES!

Lord, open my ears to hear Your invitation and heed it.  Open my mind to see all the possibilities to be with You.  Open my heart so that it can absorb all that You have to give to me and open my mouth to share and invite others to be ready to hear Your voice and heed Your invitation to COME.   

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