Sunday July 10, 2016 Blinders

You will make known to me the path of life.  Your presence is fullness of joy; In Your right hand there are pleasures forever.  Psalm 16:11

There have been so many false starts in my life.  I am sure I know the way I should go but God interrupts me mid stride and says, “I don’t think so!”  I usually feel angst and disease when I am in a wrong place.  Like wearing someone else’s clothes or shoes that don’t fit quite right.  When I know I am doing the Lord’s will, I do experience fullness of joy and confidence that I am on the right track fills me up.

I marvel that God continues to call me back.  His patience with me seems to know no bounds.  I truly want to stay focused and on His holy road but I seem determined to fall off the bandwagon and find myself lost and alone.  God has provided plenty of markers along the way but my eyes are either closed or covered with blinders.  My sister has horses on her farm, they put big masks on them to prevent the flies from getting into their eyes.  Sometimes I feel like my own face must be covered as well.  How could I miss the well-marked path to heaven?

I am so grateful for the interruptions that get my attention.  It might be a child’s trust when he grabs my hand.  It might be a tragedy that rocks me to my soul.  It might be a landmark moment like a wedding, a funeral or a big birthday… God gets my attention and I again seek the path of life.

Lord, I am grateful that You continue to make known to me the path of life.  Today help me walk toward You in anticipation of the fullness of JOY! 

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