Thursday July 7, 2016 Humility

Before his downfall a man’s heart is haughty, but humility goes before honors.  Proverbs 18:12

Today I am being interviewed on BLAB to share my experience in business.  I bought a new microphone and picked out just what I wanted to wear for the camera.  I came into pray this morning and the Office was all about Pride.  Ten different verses from throughout the bible warned me about the trap that pride can be.  I know God is trying to tell me something.

I was once told by my pastor that I needed to be more humble.  I was crushed especially since I had recently experienced a terrible failure and was feeling pretty fragile.  I prayed for days and finally talked with a friend.  She encouraged me, cajoled me and teased me… bought me a coaster that says “Jesus loves you BUT I am His Favorite!  I still am constantly aware of how insidious PRIDE is.

I really analyzed why I consented to be interviewed since these Morning Liturgy of the Hours readings were on Thursday July 7 and obviously meant for me.  I was approached by the show’s host months ago to talk about the ups and downs of owning your own business.  I can definitely speak to that.  I have been a cautionary voice ever since I sold my business at a fraction of what it was worth because I was painted into a corner.  Knowing yourself is a huge part of the puzzle of being an entrepreneur and pride can hurt you there as well.  So my pride indeed contributed to my demise, instead of facing reality, I fought to keep the dream alive.  I CAN DO IT syndrome!!!

Of course, my pastor was right.  In truth I am sure He probably said that to many people… for most really need to be more humble.  Even Mother Teresa used to say that is one of the hardest sins to keep under control.  So I ask for God’s guidance and help that my words will be what will help others and be what they need to hear to improve their business and their life.

Lord give me Your grace and the words to say to bring a word that will rouse the business owner who needs encouragement and guidance.  Yous are the words of everlasting life…

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