Saturday July 2, 2016 Failure

Though I fall I will rise again.  Though I sit in darkness, the Lord will be my light.  Micah 7:8

I have contributed to several books in the past few years.  These anthologies covered topics like Reinvention, Discovery and Decisions.  It has been a gratifying experience to contribute a story that may help someone else dealing with struggles of one kind or another just to realize that someone out there  has been there, done that and survived.  I have decided to put together a book on Failure and the importance of learning from those catastrophes and breaking through to the other side.  I have gotten mixed reactions from people who I ask to contribute.  Some get it but many don’t want to even think of having their name associated with a book about failure.

I look at all the wonderful examples of failure who broke through to achieve amazing things:  Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Edison, Steve Jobs, just to name a few.  I have come to see failure as a way to learn what does not work.  An opportunity to examine and go forth much wiser on the way to do things.  The definition of insanity has been stated to be the person who keeps doing the same things that have failed in the past and expecting a different result.

I am inviting you to write a chapter in my book.  Look at your life and share if you would, how failure has taught you what did not work.  How you were able to adjust to come through it better on the other side.  No one on this earthly plane is immune from failure UNLESS they never attempt anything NEW!  The only way to grow is to push myself past what I am comfortable doing and there is where failure lives.

It is hard to stand after I fall.  It is hard to put the pieces back together after I hit the wall so hard I shatter.  I play all in and so I have been broken many times in this life.  I have plenty to write about, how about you?

Lord, I am so grateful that You have been the light in my darkest hours.  I am never going to give up even when I fail miserably because YOU have taught me to get up one more time than I have been knocked down.  I know You will never abandon me. 

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