Tuesday June 28, 2016 Anxiety

Humble yourselves under God’s power so that He may raise you up in the last day.  Throw all your anxiety onto Him, because He cares about you.  1 Peter 5:6-7

Heidi, our miniature Schnauzer, weighs about 15 pounds.  She is afraid of dogs her size but goes after BIG dogs and other creatures… even cows and cranes.  I think often how foolish she is but then remember how stressed and anxious I am at the big issues and problems that I face.  I rush at it… snarl and defend.  I grab onto a situation and worry it like Heidi does her rope toy.  How foolish I am not to put the Divine protector between myself and my biggest problems.

When I bring my needs before the Lord and stand back and let Him direct my steps, the issues that I face are much more manageable.  I can see my way to handling them even if I don’t see the answer just yet, I am calmer as I deal with the outcome.  Life seems to be full of issues and when I place myself in His shadow instead of on the attack…  I am much calmer and responsive.

Today Lord, Help me to stand beside or behind You as we walk through the day together.  Instead of straining on the leash and barking at every situation, help me to be calm and trust that with You by my side, the situation will never become threatening. 

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