Wednesday June 22, 2016 Gong Show

Paul wrote, “If I speak in the tongues of men or of angels, but do not have love, I am only a resounding gong or a clanging cymbal.”  1 Corinthians 13:1

There was a program where would be entertainers would perform before American Idol, The Voice, America’s Got Talent or Dancing With the Stars.  People came out and did their thing and if they were not “good” enough a Huge Gong would clang ending their 15 seconds of fame.  I think that when people speak without love it often does the same thing.  Unkindness, prejudice and bigotry is a loud gong that puts people down and silences them.  It is not for me to JUDGE the talents or the intentions of others.  Only God can and should do that.  He can see into the heart.  He knew every single person before they were born and loves them unconditionally.

I support friends who teach young people how the effects of bullying ruin lives.  Adults also need to be aware how their words spoken without love can hurt and ruin lives.  Talk Radio Jocks say hurtful things and put people down for the shock affect.  Callers say things I can only hope they don’t mean to get on the air.  But it is all hurtful and impacts someone who may then think they are not good enough or even worse repeats it and hurts someone else in a face to face situation.

Each of us speaks in the tongues of men.  Some may even speak or sing in the tongues of angels.  I pray daily that my own speech will be filled with love.  Lord, never let my uttering be a Gong that shuts down another.  Let my voice only encourage and lift up those who I meet with Your love. 

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