Tuesday June 21, 2016 Rejoices

Love does not delight in evil but rejoices in the truth.  1 Corinthians 13:7

It is hard to imagine rejoicing in the wake of evil but seeing LOVE in action makes it hard not to rejoice.  Great outpouring of love across this country of ours toward our state and toward our city continue to remind me what LOVE looks like.  I spoke with my daughter who lives in MN and their community of churches held a vigil there to pray for and send loving wishes on behalf of the lives who were lost in Orlando.  Love has been defined as a sacrificial giving of one’s time, money or energy while expecting nothing in return.  These acts of kindness are definitely LOVE.

It is important to remember that God can turn good out of every sadness and loss.  I can rejoice in knowing that when I am going through any tough situation or terrible loss that God has not abandoned me.  He has continued to be solace for those who mourn and comfort for those who are alone.  My life is in His hands.  I cannot control one breath.  There is no guarantee that anyone will be here tomorrow.  That is another reason to rejoice and be grateful for every moment that I have to live, move and have my being.  I must never wait to love or put off embracing the life that God has given me to live.

The truth is that evil exists in this world.  For my part, I cannot allow myself to delight in it.  Choosing the righteous way is not often easy but by following the way of love, I will be able to rejoice always!

CK Barrett said, “Love is an activity, the essential activity of God Himself, and when men love either Him or their fellow-men, they are doing what God does.”  I think God is pleased with me when I do what He has shown me to do.   He gave His only Son to save me, no greater love is there than that.  I can’t help but rejoice in that!

God, thank You for loving me and giving me an opportunity to live in Your love.  I reflect it humbly and try imperfectly to continue to love as You would have me.  Open my mind, my heart and my eyes to every opportunity to LOVE! 

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