Sunday June 12, 2016 Persevere

“Persevere in the faith, firmly grounded, stable, and not shifting from the hope of the gospel that you heard,”  Colossians 1:23

When these words were written to the early followers of The Way, they knew that persecution and even death could be the result of their commitment.  When St Paul tells me to persevere in the faith, he is asking me to do something beyond my power.  I cannot guarantee the result.  An example might be from when I was in school.  I could predict I would fail an exam but still study for it intending to pass.  There are likely to be questions there that I cannot anticipate.  Even though my intentions are right and I am doing everything in my power…  I could still fail.

Jesus is the Hope of the gospel.  HE invites His followers in His teachings to be grounded in the faith so that when (not if) the rains come that the house will stand up to the storm.  Each day I need to recommit myself to following His call to serve.  Obeying God’s will each moment is within my power to do.  Living the guiding principles in this minute, this hour… The Now, are possible.  I cannot promise to be faithful tomorrow or in any future but I can make a decision in this moment to be true and faithful.

Life is full of opportunities to do right or to choose the wrong.  Lord I am begging You to help me persevere in doing right.  Help me to remain steadfast, not shifting from the gospel that You have called me to live out! 

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