Monday June 6, 2016 MERCY

 “Blessed are the merciful, for they shall be shown mercy.” Matthew 5:7

Jesus taught His disciples and gave them directions about how to live… Blessed indeed to be poor in spirit, meek, clean of heart and even persecuted.  ALL tall orders for anyone to contemplate doing but Mercy is what Jesus demonstrated by His mere existence.  He showed the true meaning of mercy to be feeling the sorrow and misery of another like it was His own.  He raised the dead because He felt the sorrow of the widow and of the father.  He mourned with Mary and Martha and could not allow them to feel so lost.

Mercy is a compassionate experiencing of another’s emotions.  But it cannot stop there.  If I am grieving with someone, I must take an action!  Mercy like Jesus demonstrated relieves the burden for another.  I ask myself what can I do?  I cannot bring a person back to life like Jesus did!  I can however relieve their pain in other ways… making dinner, sitting quietly and listening to the retelling of stories of triumph and pain, of yesterdays long past.  Allowing  a caregiver a needed respite from their burdens by replacing them for a spell.  One of the best ways to show mercy is to forgive.

My life is full of opportunity to show mercy.  To walk alongside, to carry, lifting up those who are so heavily burdened.  Lord, Help me to see and take action when You present me with opportunities to be merciful.  Only through You can I be truly merciful. 

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