Monday May 31, 2016 Serving

The blessed will bear fruit even when old and gray; they will remain lush and fresh in order to proclaim:  “The Lord is righteous.  He is my rock.”  Psalm 92:14-15

It always amazes and delights me to walk into our church and look at God’s people who greet me at the doors, who distribute communion and who collect the coats, food, shoes and diapers for the poor.  Most are gray haired!  I wonder what would happen if all the Baby Boomers decided to take a sabbatical!  Then I recall how very busy my own daughters and grandchildren are with their lives and realize that it is how it needs to be.  God gives us the time when we retire to give back to Him and His people.

I did what I could fit in between carpooling and basketball games when I was a younger person but now I can devote even more of myself to service.  I am delighted that our church has an active youth group, over 400 in Religious Education and plenty of young people who also serve at Mass.  This is the future of our church and those habits of service will endure and resurface.  Both my daughters serve as teachers and devote their limited time in preparing those young minds to receive the blessings that God has to share.  It gives me great hope for the future.

Lord, thank you for the spirit and willingness to serve YOU that is so alive today.  Help each person to know and realize that fruit, that You are calling each to bear.  Help every person remain in You, where the bounty of life giving service blesses themselves and those who are on the receiving end.  Create in me a servant’s heart!

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