Monday May 30, 2016 Straight

In all your ways acknowledge the Lord and He will make straight your paths.  Proverbs 3:6

Returning home from St Louis yesterday by car, we encountered a couple of traffic snarls.  One we sat through and the other because it was closer to home, we were able to get off the highway and choose an alternate route.  My GPS has a traffic avoidance feature that says you can save X amount of minutes by taking this detour.  The shortest distance between two points may be a straight path but that may not mean that it is the shortest amount of time.  Obstacles can make it impossible to get through.  Scripture has shown many such situations and alternatives were provided by God that defy the imagination.  Gideon had a force ready to go into battle and God told him to whittle the numbers down through several tests… reducing his force to just 300 men!  Another great example is feeding the five thousand with just five loaves and two fish.

God has always provided straight paths that curve and bend, that lead His people in directions that they never expect to tread.  Abraham was asked by God to sacrifice his only son, the promised child that came to him in his old age.  Abraham proved his love and commitment and God provided another perfect lamb for the offering.  God gives direction that I often choose not to follow…  He has allowed me to ask forgiveness and return to Him through these many lessons of making straight the way of those who are confused or sinful.  Scripture teaches me about God’s love and gives me direction each day.  He continues throughout history to make straight the paths of those who love Him and choose to do His will.

Lord, I am grateful indeed that You show me the Straight path to You.  I often get lost and You continue to provide a loving guidance back to You.  Help me to pray, live and move and have my being in Your love. 

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