Sunday December 20, 2015 The REST of the Story

Mary responded “ I am the Lord’s servant. May everything you have said about me come true.” And then the angel left her. Luke 1:38

There has never been or will ever be a better example of faith than Mary’s “yes” to the angel Gabriel. A young girl from a good family puts her future in God’s hands… literally her marriage, her reputation, and yes even her life by these words. God does not ever reveal the whole picture. He lets things unfold. And Mary took a huge leap of faith to allow the future of the WORLD to begin with her. Have you ever considered what the world would be like if she had said “NO”. Like Eve in the garden, she could have opted for selfishness or at least self-preservation and where would our world be?!?

I used to love to listen to Paul Harvey when he would spin his tales revealing “The Rest of the Story”. As a radio broadcaster he would tell a tantalizing story and then reveal the way it concluded with dramatic flair. Obviously, Mary committed her life with no foreknowledge. Her YES changed everything. I can imagine with great trepidation what the REST of the Story would be had Mary declined to acquiesce to God’s request. What a dark and humiliating place it would be. If Paul would tell the creation story, Mary’s humble YES would surely be the “Rest of the Story.”

Lord, I am grateful for Mary’s willingness to be Your servant and say YES! Help me to always seek to do Your will! I am constantly learning that even the smallest step in Your direction provides me with guidance and hope to keep on going. Please open my mind, my heart and my spirit to be Your servant too. I want to be a part of the REST of YOUR STORY!

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