Monday November 30, 2015 Written

“Rejoice that your names are written in heaven”.  Luke 10:20

The seventy two returned from evangelizing and were so excited to tell the Lord of their successful trip throughout Judea.  They trampled snakes, had demons submit to His name overcoming all that they came up against wiith ease.  Jesus reminds them that the most important thing to rejoice about is not what was accomplished on earth but the fact that God took note and wrote their names in heaven.  It is so easy to forget that when what seems the most important things today seems to be how many likes or shares we get on FB.

God pays no attendtion to what people think of me.  He has His own scorebook and having my name written there is really all that matters to me.  I love having friends and being connected here on earth… I am grateful to all who know, like and trust me.  I would not be who I am today without those who have touched my life.  I really think though what Jesus wanted to remind the disciples then and the disciples today is God’s notice is what matters MOST!

Jesus was full of JOY and praised His Father because these faithful were successful in the work He gave them to do.  The innocence that they demonstrated bearing His Way to those dispersed around the known world delighted Him.  He shared with them how BLESSED they were to see what they saw and hear what they heard.  I believe He says the same thing today to those who believe in HIM.  Blessed indeed.

Lord, Help me to BE who You created me to BE.  Help me to DO what You call me to DO.  So that I can have my name written in God’s book.

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