Monday July 13, 2015 Planted

Planted in the house of the Lord, they will flourish in the courts of our God, still bearing fruit when they are old, still full of sap, still green, to proclaim that the Lord is just. Psalm 92:14-16
I read recently that in China, life is measured in twelve year increments. A complete cycle is done at age 60 or after five cycles. Then at age 61 a new cycle begins. This verse reminded me of that cultural difference in our country when people retire at about that time. I like to think that I am still full of sap, still green and ready to bear fruit even now. I begin and bring vibrancy to projects at my age and sometimes feel that God has given me more to do now than ever before.

I have an old avocado tree in my backyard. It has seen many hurricanes so that it looks kind of lopsided due to missing branches and it is so tall that Gary and I cannot reach much of the fruit. It still bears bountifully even though it’s branches are being held up by ropes that have grown into its proud arms. I think every living thing wants to continue to bring goodness. Whether it is a tree planted in the dirt or a person planted in a job, bearing fruit is what God created each of us to do. It comes down to finding out what God created me to do. Apple trees don’t try to produce avocado or oranges. I need to recognize my gifts and produce the fruit that God has created me to bear. I have been in jobs where I have had to work so hard to achieve even the tiniest results. God showed me that I was trying to be an apple tree when clearly I am not.

God help me to bear fruit even when I am old. I long to be a witness that You are JUST and bring people to know that You have planted me in Your courtyard and have nurtured me and are allowing me to continue to honor You with fruit even now.

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