Sunday July 5, 2015 Wisdom

But if any of you lacks wisdom, he should ask God who gives to all generously and ungrudgingly, and he will be given it. James 1:5
There is much to be said for research. Digging in and trying to find answers to questions that pique my interest or niggle at the back of my mind. Google is indeed a great resource and Siri can answer a lot of various and sundry inquiries. But having wisdom is another matter altogether. I know many people who are smart but not wise. I always think of Wisdom as that gift of “knowing” without having to really think of what to do next. Where to find the answer and how to achieve a solution without having to work at it. There have been so many times in my life when I was faced with a decision and I could not move forward because I needed that confidence that comes with wisdom. Certainty that the direction is the right one That is what this verse speaks to me. ASK, PRAY, PETITION God for the way. Because He promises to answer ungrudgingly and generously.
My heart becomes heavy and I feel frustrated when I don’t KNOW the next steps to take. God has shown me over and over again, when I seek His guidance the door opens or the light goes on to light the way. Taking a step then is no longer fearful, I am energized and strong because I KNOW God is with me.
Jesus invites me to Come to Him when I am heavily burdened and He will give me rest. I am a stubborn and self-determined individual but when I stand before my Savior and admit my cluelessness as to what direction to go… He WILL show me the way as long as I ASK!
Lord I stand before You as a supplicant child. Direct me and help me to always trust that You will answer me when I come to you when I don’t know what to do. Open my eyes and my mind to see the signs and the people You send to me with the way I should go! Help me to accept and trust YOU always!

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