Friday January 17, 2014 Could

“She did what she could.”  Mark 14:8

Jesus uttered these words in reference to the woman who anointed Him with expensive ointment on Jesus head.  Some of the onlookers were quite disturbed at this apparent lack of frugality.  Jesus defended her by saying… “She did what she could”. There are many women throughout the bible who did what they could…  Rahab the harlot hid the Israelite spies protecting them from detection, Deborah, Ruth, Abigail, Esther, Veronica, and the list goes on…  Each one did what she could.  Some made seemingly very minor contributions but each by that small contribution created to the story and heritage of Christ.  And in doing so contributed to my life.

I feel challenged each and every day to see what I am being called to do.  By doing all I CAN…  I am putting my abilities, humble as they are at the service of my God.  Pouring myself out as a libation for another and making myself available for use for God’s purpose will make the contribution I can make amplified.  I long to hear those words when I stand before the throne.  “She did what she could.”  There really is not any more than could be expected of me.

Lord, give me strength to rise up even when I am confused, frustrated and feeling empty to do what I can for You and Your people.  Even when I do not have much to give, with Your grace my small contribution can be enough.  I am Your faithful servant. 

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